Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Political Representation and Fighting the Cuts

Thank you to all comrades who have supported me in this election campaign. Unfortunately I have not made it onto the list, I came 12th. The establishment candidates rose to fill the top positions on the list as expected.

I am encouraged by the kind words of support I have received both from comrades from within the Green Party and also those who I have been working with in the campaigns to fight the cuts.

As an ecosocialist my intention to stand for the list was based on the need I believe for political representation of the working class and the poorest and most vulnerable in our society. This is why I wanted to stand on an anti-cuts platform and also why I pledged to take no more than an average workers wage if elected to the Assembly.

I also signed the candidates pledge produced by the London Young Greens calling for all means necessary to bring about political change. Real change cannot only come through the ballot box, it is vital we build a mass movement to oppose the cuts and the attacks on the working class being implemented by political representatives of parties both in and outside of central government.

So my focus remains on building local and national anti-cuts movements. This coming week alone I will be building for and marching on the 26th. I hope to see many comrades at the assembly point in Kennington Park at 11am and then who knows. Tomorrow I will be supporting the picket line at the Vauxhall Campus of Lambeth College, where I am currently a part-time student. I will also be taking a message of support and solidarity to the postal workers at Nine Elms sorting office who are facing losing their jobs.

Beyond the 26th we need to keep the momentum of our campaigns going and not allow the movement to be closed down by petty bureaucrats and politicians who betray the people they are supposed to represent. I will continue to give my support to Lambeth Save Our Services and to Coalition of Resistance, beyond that we must ensure that we have candidates in all elections who are fully committed to fighting against the cuts, and for a real alternative founded upon peace, ecology and socialism.

In solidarity
Andy Hewett

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